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How To Sell Your House Without An Agent

Selling your house without professional help from an estate agent. Is this possible?
During the years, after the banking crash of 2008, homeowners were devastated, and left owing thousands of pounds, on their mortgages. They found that their pride and joy, their home, wasn't worth as much as they thought, and were left owing more on their mortgages, than the property's value. In order to save more money, people decided to dispense with the house selling process of using experienced estate agents and go solo. In other words, to sell their own property by themselves.

Legally, there are no laws, to stop you from marketing and dealing with the house selling process yourself. Be aware, it is not always a straightforward process, there are lots of highs and lows and problems, before a resulting sale.It is an important step, and one you must acknowledge, when you are entering into before you start. experts, like estate agents, bring with them, years of experience, a network of contacts, time and expertise ,to know how to maximise their selling techniques, to convey to the potential buyer the value of a property, and produce a sale. if you are worldly wise in the art of selling, and possess attributes to match, good! If you don't, or are unsure of the selling process, and what it entails. If you seriously wonder, if it's worth selling your house privately, because of lack of knowledge or know how, use an expert is our advice. All things considered, if you want to go ahead, and sell without an estate agent, consider the following questions, and refer to the suggestions stated before you begin the process.

Online selling, could this be for you?
No regulations, can stop you from your house being sold online.There are free tools and online services within your grasp, that operate to help you do this. Having an understanding of how house sales operate, is useful. Especially, legal issues and specifics of  the local housing market. Selling your home online, can save as much as 2.5 percent of the final house sale price. An example of this would be, if you were selling for £200,000 using online services, you could save in the region of £4,000 - less the cost the property website, would charge for listing your property, specified on the Rightmove website. It may prove constructive, and time saving overall, as no communication would apply with a third party. Your decision will be the only one that matters, regarding marketing. However, as previously stated, you will need to take control. Compile your own listing, take your own photographs, organise and take charge of viewings, compile a home information pack and negotiate price deals. This is time consuming to say the least and very stressful. It maybe worth consulting and talking through the actual process, before you start out on this journey of going solo without expert help.

If Selling the property proves problematic
Internet property listing, does not cost a fortune, probably £100.00 to £200.0, so if nothing progresses, it's not a huge amount to lose, and switching to an expert service, such as an estate agent shouldn't be a monetary problem. Before, you do that, it maybe an idea to contact property forums and discussion boards online, who can assist you, by putting your property details forward to people searching for property like yours.
The offline world, cannot be discarded altogether, because of your decision to sell online. Newspaper listings, word of mouth, flyers and open house events, can work alongside online digital marketing strategies, as a double force to sell your house more quickly.If you exhaust marketing options, searching 'can't sell my house' via a search engine, will bring up lists of 'buy my house' fast selling house companies. These companies, could be the answer, to avoiding professional services and excessive charges. They have connections with buyers and investors throughout the UK, and will deal with everything connected with the house buying process on your behalf. Find a reputable company, who don't demand fees upfront for their services. 'We Pay The Most' Tel : 0800 612 7917 will be able to secure a quick sale, that you are looking for.

Privately selling your property
Your personal circumstances, should be taken into account, when deciding to sell your house privately or not. If you are struggling with money, and money is in short supply, and it needs to go towards the mortgage of your next purchase, you must think seriously about selling privately. Be prepared fully, for a stressful and all consuming process, that will take up a lot of your everyday time and effort, to gain a positive resulting sale.
If the area you live in, has a high level of property buying, it may not prove to be so much of a risk to sell your house privately. On the negative side, if its reversed, and the property values are stagnating and houses aren't moving, it may be more desirable and cost-effective, to hire a professional estate agent to do the job. Property specialists, and estate agents, have a wider range of contacts throughout the property industry. They use their knowledge and expertise to sell a property at a premium, instead of just achieving a lower than average price. You can still accomplish, selling your property privately by using a web search, using terms, such as 'sell my house privately' This will give you a guide to the property market and how to negotiate it, to get a foothold to selling your home.

Selling your house and renting it back, is this possible?
People, make the decision, to unlock capital that is contained in their home's value, by agreeing to so-called equity release programmes. Sometimes, this means, a portion of the home's equity is sacrificed, but a cash lump sum is offered in exchange.In some cases, you can sell your home completely, and be allowed to stay and live init for a period afterwards. Companies are in abundance in the UK, who offer to 'sell my house and rent it back' services. it is important, to delve further before using them, checking its the right venture for you. If you make the decision to sell your home, with one of these companies, and rent it back, there are strict regulations, that must be adhered to, with regard to the conduct of services they are offering.

  • The valuation on your home, must be conducted by an independent third party.
  • You must be given, a five year lease on your property on a fixed term basis.
  • Companies, must check that you can afford the repayments, and they should also inform you of how a sale, could affect any benefits you're claiming
  • A statutory cooling off period of 14 days must be observed.

Selling my house myself? Is it feasible?
Take time to ponder, before making a decision , as to whether you should sell your house yourself. Honesty is the best policy, so they say. Important questions need to be asked.

* Have I got enough free time at my disposal, to carry out the house selling process?
* Have I got enough knowledge about the law, concerning the process which will be involved?

If you have considered these questions, and are happy to concentrate time and know how on selling your property then continue. If your property is in  an area where there is a high demand and popular with buyers you have a better chance of selling. You will save estate agents fees, without reducing your potential property's price.We would advise you to tackle selling the property privately, but there are a lot of 'ifs' involved here.

Quick house sales
If a quick sale is desired or needed, and you live in an area which has a high demand amongst buyers, it is possible to sell your home quickly, by setting the asking price at a lower level, than sale prices in your area. This may mean, you sell at a loss, money wise on the house sale, by doing this. Another alternative, would be to use the services of a 'buy my house' service. Using a search engine, such as Google and by typing in 'sell my house quickly' or word to that effect, will bring up details, of leading companies in the UK, who will be able to perform a quick sale. Do your homework, to suss out genuine companies, making sure that no upfront fees are expected. If you are fortunate, they may offer up to 100 percent of the property's value, no matter what condition it is in. Caution, is needed, as some unreputable house buying companies may not be so generous.

A house sale now?
It depends how quickly, you want to wait for a sale, and where your property is situated. Research is necessary. Local house prices in your area can be located on internet property sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove. This will give you, an indication of how much your property could fetch on the open housing market. The UK housing market has been struggling to recover, over the past years. Growth figures have been indicated in some parts, namely in north west England. Reports by the Office of Budget Responsibility, forecast, that house prices, have grown up to 20 percent between 2014 and into the future up to 2018, so if you don't need to sell immediately, it may be worth your while to wait, and profit may hinge on this decision.If you desperately, need to sell your property, options, include as stated in this article, selling privately, using a professional estate agent, or selling your home via a property buying specialist.

Selling my house - Summing up
There are lots of options to selling property, dozens of online property directories available. Listing your property for sale on Rightmove or Zoopla, doesn't cost a fortune, probably £100.00. Your time needs to be spent, producing photographs, and presenting descriptions of each room in the house. A solicitor or conveyancer, can deal with legal matters arising during the house selling process. If you are set on doing this yourself, online in depth articles are available, to peruse and digest. Property viewings, need to be arranged, and you must tackle price negotiations yourself. On the whole, it is possible to sell your own home, if you research into all the aspects of the process. The internet is helpful for research, enter terms such as 'how do I sell my house' This will provide a realm of information. Which ever method you use  for selling your property, we hope our article has been of some guidance to assist with how to sell your property.
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