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Choosing A 'Sell House Fast' Company To Deal With.

Sell House Fast Reviews – Should I Trust Them?
There are many quick sale companies on the internet with hundreds of positive reviews, often on so-called websites that are 100% fail proof and verified. However, we would like to put to you the suggestion that these reviews are 9 times out of 10 manipulated to make you believe they are actually better than what they say they are.

Most reviews can easily be bought on sites like, where individuals will do things for a ‘fiver’ and this includes writing reviews for sell house fast companies. We don’t actively promote ourselves on review sites, purely for this reason. We are a transparent company, and buying fake reviews to artificially increase our presence is not something we want to be part of.

Because most of the sell house fast reviews out there for other companies are fake what we normally say is to do an internet search for a company that they are thinking of working with for their home sale, and put ‘scam’ or ‘rip off’ at the end of their search! This will probably bring up far more interesting results than a number of fake review websites.

Finding genuine 'quick sale' reviews.
The most genuine reviews for quick sale companies come on websites like the Moneysupermarket forum, and websites like the consumer action group where the subject of ‘fast home sale’ companies is often brought up. You can see an example of the type of discussion that goes on here

Our business ethos is built on transparency, in that we like to disclose every way we operate to our customers. We don’t pay 100% market value for properties when we are cash buying. We do make cash offers, which is genuine cash in the purest sense, and we can complete on a sale in 7 – 10 days.

Our offers vary from property to property when we are offering cash, but the likelihood is that we will pay in the region of 83% market value for a typical home. The benefit to selling for a lower price is the speed and assuredness of sale that comes with dealing with a reputable buyer like ourselves.

Having said that a cash sale is not for everyone, and if you are not in need of a fast sale, we can still help you and have options available that could achieve 100% market value. This is not a cash sale, but more likely to be an open market sale.

If you want to read genuine reviews about wepaythemost, we are advertised on Yelp!. This is one of the UK’s biggest review websites. However, we don’t buy reviews so don’t expect there to be many on there, as we have found most happy customers don’t leave reviews. If someone is unhappy they will share their views more openly.

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