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Is your 'quick sale' company regulated? Think again.

There are multiple companies on the internet advertising that they can buy your property quickly and offer a cash sale. Along with this some companies are classing themselves as 'regulated'.

In 2012 the OFT (Office Of Fair Trading) carried out research on the quick sale industry, and asked a few companies within the sector to clean up their bad practices. As a result of this, and the widespread media that was associated with the investigations a number of companies started claiming that they were 'OFT regulated' on their websites.

The truth is that the entire industry is not regulated, and you can sell your home to anyone for cash without any regulatory body being involved. Any company that claims to be associated, regulated or approved by the OFT or the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) as they are now known, should be reported immediately.

Some companies (such as ourselves) are members of the Property Ombudsmen, which does carry a degree of respect and authority within the property industry. However, having said that, it is in no way something mandatory and is something that any estate agent, property dealer, or quick sale firm can be part of.


Who are the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB)?

The NAPB is a scheme that was set up within the fast house sale industry by quick sale companies. It is not something mandatory that quick sale agents must join, nor does it carry any degree of weight as far as how trustworthy the company you are dealing with is.

Any company that uses and displays that they are members of the NAPB have basically paid a fee to join, and filled in a form. It is no sign that the company is any better than the other. What is does tell you is that the company is buying directly from you, and is not listing your home on the open market or trying to sell your home in any other way than a cash sale.

wepaythemost are currently not members of NAPB as we do not directly purchase property from you. We use a sister company to fund our cash purchases, and we search the market to find you the best deal rather than relying on one company. This gives you the best possible way of securing the best price paid in the shortest timeframe.

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