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Choosing A 'Sell House Fast' Company To Deal With.

You have landed on this page for one reason and one reason only, you want to sell your property quickly! You may or may not have done some shopping around, and look at the various claims by quick sale companies, offering to buy your property from you for fast cash. The truth is that a number of sell house fast companies are actually a scam, and you need to be very careful who it is that you are dealing with.

There are very few fast property buying companies in the UK that actually have the funds readily available to purchase your property from you. In fact, from a recent government investigation it was proven that the majority of the websites advertising to buy your home quickly were in fact a scam of some sort.

When it comes to using and dealing with a quick house sale firm there are a few points in which you need to be aware and look out for. We are here to help you make an informed decision on which company you decide to use.


Sell House Fast Company claims to be able to buy my house for 100% market value, is this possible or likely to be a scam?

Any quick house sale company that claims they can buy your property for 100 per cent market value is without a shadow of a doubt lying to you in some way or another. If you read this article it will go into depth a bit more on the subject, however to summarise, lets put it like this. If you were operating a business selling tyres, and you bought your tyres at a trade price of £20 from a warehouse. Would you sell those same tyres in your shop to your customers for £20? Knowing that you have to pay your staff, utilities, rent and other outgoings. And, not forgetting that you want to make a living from selling tyres!

The fact is that property buying companies like any other company, are in it to make a profit. They have overheads, costs and staffing to deal with, and if they didn't make you an offer below market value then they wouldn't be running a business!

Anyone advertising that they can buy your property for 100% market value is lying to you and is using their website to 'capture leads' which they sell on to other companies.


Can a Sell House Fast Company pay more than another quick sale company?

There will be differences in price when it comes to dealing with quick sale firms, and it is always worthwhile to shop around. At we actually have a panel of lenders that we trust, and can turn to in order to help you get a quick property sale, but more importantly the best price available at that time.

The other added benefit is that we keep you safe. We will not put you in touch with companies that have a bad reputation or have been misguiding customers. Our service is similar to many 'compare the market' type websites, in that we put you directly in touch with a legitimate, cash ready buyer. This could be a quick sale company that we work closely with, or it could be an investor with cash funds ready. If we can't assist with a cash sale, we also have other options that may please you such as auctions and open market routes to sale.

The first step is to 'apply now' and get the process started. Our system will let you know if and how we can help you. Alternatively call us on 0191 603 1995.