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Can You Really Sell Your House Fast For 100% Market Value?

If you are trying to sell your house, and have been on a few websites claiming to sell house fast you have probably realised by now that most of them simply don’t tell the truth! The fact is that ALL of the companies on the internet offering a quick house sale will not be able to give you 100 percent of the current market value for your property for a fast cash sale. The reason being is very simple:-

  • The companies you are dealing with are businesses, and as a business they need to make a profit. If a business does not make a profit, then it is no longer a business and ceases trading.

  • You wouldn’t sell your car to a dealer as part ex, and expect to receive the full market value for it? As an exchange for buying your car from you quickly, the dealer will expect you to significantly discount your vehicle.

  • Market value is subjective to the person buying your home. If someone really wants your property and it is in an area which is in high demand then you will probably be able to sell your home for much more than what any surveyor thinks it is worth.

The simple fact is that companies buying your property for 100% market value online just doesn’t exist. We aren’t going to lie to you like some companies would and claim that we can ‘buy’ your home from you for 100% value. The truth of it all is that we can’t.

If we make you a cash offer for your property and you want to go ahead with that offer, it is likely to be around 85% of the current market value. Obviously every case is different and we deal with each property purchase on a case by case basis. However, you need to be prepared to discount your home for us to purchase for cash. We can complete on a sale in 7 – 10 days for genuine cash, and this is the benefit that we can give you for a fast cash sale.

The other benefit we can give you for a cash sale is that our offers are guaranteed, we are a reputable company that you can trust, and we won’t mess you around like some other companies may do. (Dropping offers at the last minute, trying to sign you into contracts, making you pay fees etc).


How can I achieve 100% market value for my home?

If you ONLY will accept 100% market value for your property, and you can’t or won’t budge on your price then we may still have an option for you. Although we won’t be able to physically buy your home for market value, we may be able to sell it.

Firstly, we have investors across the UK who are looking for all types of property regardless of condition. They are interested in specific postcodes, and if your property is in one of those postcodes, they will pay you 100% of the current market value for your home.

Obviously these types of sale come along very rare, and as an investor it is likely that they will try to haggle with you on the price. However, you need to remember you are under no obligation to sell, so trying us can’t hurt!

The second way we can help you achieve 100% market value is via the open market. Our online presence is huge, and we can advertise in places that most traditional estate agents wouldn’t think of! We really go the extra mile in order to get you the sale that you need.

If you want to know more about our cash buying service, investors or online estate agency feel free to get in touch with us today for a no obligation chat, free valuation and review.

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