What Our Customers Say About WPTM ...

Excellent Quick Sale Company   @joncooks

Everything that Tyler told me would happen ... happened! I phoned other cash buying companies and was made one offer at 70% below my asking price. WPTM gave me 6 options!

I phoned wepaythemost.co.uk after seeing an ad online stating that they buy any house for fast cash. My situation was that I was looking to move with being stuck in a chain, and needed a fast sale. I wasn't prepared to sell at 70% of market value, but was willing to negotiate on my price in order to get a cash buyer.

Within one phone call WPTM had made me a preliminary offer, and it came in over £20,000 more than other so called 'quick sale' companies. The advisor explained that other companies also drop prices at the last minute and offer high just to get you on board.

If you need a fast sale these are the guys! Whether you want full asking price or you want a super quick cash sale, they have the answers!