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“Blackjack” Introduces The Rules For Understanding Gambling.

“Blackjack” introduces the rules for understanding gambling. Play money making articles.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. Currently used as a card game for entertainment and betting to make money. What’s more, playing blackjack online can be played anywhere, anytime. Whether playing through a computer, laptop, laptop or mobile application can do endlessly. You can find quality gaming service providers from this. casino top10 has chosen to review only quality and standard websites.

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Blackjack card game rules

In general, the minimum bet for a standard gaming table is 250 baht and the maximum bet per hand is 5,000 baht. However, the minimum and maximum bets will vary depending on the casino and the table. The game is started by using the dealer to shuffle around 5-6 decks of cards. Later, all cards were issued to players, including dealers. The purpose of blackjack is to bring the score of the cards in our hands to the nearest 21 points. By dialing the calling card continuously until you are satisfied that you stop talking until everyone at the gaming table stops calling the dealer will dial your own card. When the phone card of the player and all dealers ends, whoever is close to each other at blackjack will be the winner of the round and receive a prize.

How to Count Points in Blackjack Card Game

The numbers on the card (for example 2, 3, 4 to 10) are counted based on the numbers. Personally, the English letters J, Q, K are counted as 10 points, A is counted as 11 points, or 1 point as the case may be. Which players can choose for themselves, for example, when getting K and A cards, A is equal to 11 points, plus the total number of 21 points of K, that is 9, 5, 4, and A card will get A instead of 1 point when combining 20 points .

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The situation can be selected in blackjack card betting.

Stop and draw (stand and hit)

Retention cards and phone cards are the basis of blackjack. If the points do not reach or exceed 21 points, they will be entitled to continue the call. The menu for online casinos is “Draw” or “Hit and Stop Calling”.

Blackjack (Blackjack)

The sum of the first two cards is equal to 21 points, which is called blackjack, and usually wins 1.5 times the bonus. For example, when betting 100 baht, the bonus is 150 baht, excluding capital. Bounce is an instant bet on that round

Double thrust (double down)

The player can place another bet from the above example. For example, when the card is requested to be split, the first hand receives a K card of 100 baht. The player can increase the bet to 200 baht, but only one Card. If the score is higher than the dealer, the payout ratio is 1: 1.



When players get the same two cards, they can separate the two cards. Just bet with two hands.

For example, bet 100 baht. When getting K and K cards, players can separate the cards but must make the same bet to become the first hand, get a K card, bet 100 baht, get a K card on the second hand, bet 100 Baht and then deal as usual. The banker scored 21 points, not a draw, and the player lost the bet. If you earn more points, the dealer will get a payout ratio of 1: 1.

Insurance betting

When the dealer turns the first card into an A, the player can request a deposit. By betting half the bet, for example, when the dealer opens the second card, which is 10 o’clock, that is, blackjack, a bet of 100 baht can require a deposit of 50 baht. The player will win the bet and receive a 2x bonus from the insurance, which is a 50 baht deposit and a refund of 100 baht, excluding capital. Players will lose the deposit and the game will continue.